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Its the end of Yet another week
Israel is home . I was so glad to see him but I was afraid that I wouldnt have felt the same way about him before he left. My feelings were so strong for him....

Well we talked a little.. and he told me he missed me but I could tell right away that it wasnt the same,
my feelings for issy isnt as strong as it was.... my worst nightmare is coming true.

Yesterday i was over at his house and we ended up f-ukin  eachother.  but  it was the most emotionless f-k i have ever felt with him.   

sex with him was always great! now, its like any other..I've lost my attraction for him.

I could sit here and cry cos I want back what we used to have.

i feel more pain in my heart but i guess i'm ready to let go

it just wasnt meant to be.

Prior to this I havent had sex in 4 months since he left... so sex left me really sore afterwards.....
then later in the night he wanted to have sex again but after he tried. i was like no.. i cant cos i'm sore and its just going to hurt me , .... its like he doesnt even care about that,,, alll hes concerned about is getting some.

we argued about it for a while then he finally quit asking...  we put back on our clothes and  I ended up leaving shortly after.

i told him he was an A$$hole and that he didnt really care about me..

i apologised for calling him an A- hole before i left and hugged him

today i tried calling him cos i packed up some food for him to eat.. but his phone is off.

i suppose hes shutting me out..

i miss him , i miss the times we used to have but I guess its finally time to move on without him

i hate that this is happening to me. i hate not having him around in my life. 

he was my best friend. i hate losing him 

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