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so my sister  is back out to work and wanted to carpool.. i reluctantly said ok but really i cant stand her

so we carpooled friday. then we decided to take a spin class after work...

while i was waiting for the class to begin , my mother and i get into an argument ...  

after the spin class, my sister pays the lady , then she goes, since this was my first class, shes not going to charge me because 1st class is free. .. my sister goes... no no no take the money... -
HELOO!!! WTF! its my money - I want it back since the class is free...

so then the lady continues to explain that the first class is free and shes not supposed to take the money .... then my sister looks at me and yells at me to thank the lady....

WTF do I look like? a child?

ok so i do look like a child but hey that was embarrassing!

so today while driving , this guy stops to let me pass and before i pull off , I wave to the guy to thank him...- she apparently didnt seee,,,, so she yells at me.. " did you thank the guy"  I said " yea I did , I waved to him" and I called her out on the yelling shes been doing to me for the past 2 days...

she gets steaming mad because I told her she doesnt know how to talk to people....

i drove her back home in silence.

now now now.. some people are so touchy

anyway i hate her

shes ugly . old and doesnt know how to speak politely to people,  people have asked me on numerous occassions if shes my mother.

i dont need  to hear about her bitching about how  shes unable to lose weight everyday of the frigging year....

so thank GOD shes not speaking to me anymore.

I am ready to move on with my life without family members who constanly want to drag me down with them and their negative behaviour...


have a wonderful day guys and be safe out there

sending you lots of love 

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